Thursday, October 15, 2009

Goals...Plans...Creative Happenings... -A list of what I want to accomplish (Pretty much ASAP)

So this year. Okay, okay...the last 2 years have well, not been really good creativity-wise.
I guess that is what happens when you move away from the only place you have lived at pretty much your whole life. You get used to everything around you and then when you move, it is a shock to the creativeness inside. -NOT GOOD! I still haven't found my creativity at my new place...

But that is no excuse! I NEED to start creating again!!! I always say this but I never get around to it. But this time I WILL!!! I HAVE TO!!! I just need to get inspired which will probably involve re-arranging my apartment-which is always exciting!

I have my desk in the bedroom-I don't really like that too much. I like being isolated when I work, but not that isolated... There is really no where to put it but in the tiny akward part beside my husbands computer desk in the living room. I think I will have it so it separates the "computer room" from the living room.

After I re-arrange, I have to make my space creative. A place that inspires creativity. Somewhere where I enjoy working. I will not only makeover my workplace, but rather my whole apartment so creativity flows throughout.

I also have to establish myself as an artist/designer/photographer more. I need to be working on my stuff more frequently than I have been. Create my style. Know who I am.

I need to get organized. Have a dayplanner (and use it!) Keep separate sketchbooks for my different things I work on. (Jewelry, Photography, Graphic Design, and possibly "inspirations" and "ect." ones too) And a huge one: finish things I start! I am bad for that!!!

So I think I am going to re-arrange this weekend. And get cracking on the creativity dry-spell right after!

Okay so all that mumble jumble in a list...
-Move desk out to living room Updated November 25th-DONE!
-Re-arrange living room and bedroom (and clean and organize) Updated November 25th-DONE!
-Be more creative! Create all the time Updated November 25th-It's happening! I have so many projects on the go!
-Get a dayplanner and use it
-Get sketchbooks for different things I work on and use those to keep everything organized

Other goals:
-Blog more! Updated November 25th-This is also happening! I am even updating my old ones!
-Photograph more! Even simple things that happen daily. Add those photos to my blog for more visual appeal Updated November 25th- I am working on this.
-Draw more! Just random little drawings here and there :)
-Cook better! Like good meals-and a variety!

I CAN do this!!!