Monday, August 10, 2009

Vancouver Island 2010!!!

Josh and I are planning our honeymoon biking part of Vancouver Island next summer! I cannot wait!!!

Originally, we planned to backpack. But my Dad asked why we were not going to bike it, And now it seems like the logical thing to do.
I will keep you updated on our travel plans and our adventure! I might make another blog dedicated solely to that adventure (Just to keep it separate, and to have a little online collection of our trips)

I am just going to have to get used to sitting on my bike for hours upon hours at a time. The longest ride we've done so far is three hours, which our rides shouldn't be too much longer than that because the longest walk we were going to have was 6 hours, and well biking is obviously much faster than walking!

I am also unsure of having 2 weeks of clothes, gear, supplies, tools, etc. packed into a tiny saddlebag...I go away for a weekend and my backpack is FULL! I am going to definitely have to get used to packing light! Thank goodness for grocery stores and laundromats!

EDIT (October 2nd, 2009)-I don' t think we will be biking anymore...or doing that trip. But we are most definatly going to be spending a week in Victoria!

Epic Weekend!

This weekend was one of THE best thus far! It started for me late Friday afternoon setting up Josh's anniversary gift (Sunday was our first wedding anniversary and today is our seventh year together!)
It all started for him when he walked through the door after work. (I told him to call me when he was on his way home-which was only if I needed a diversion in case I needed more time, he did not know this and just thought I may have wanted something picked up. However I did not, everything came along nicely and I had a few minutes to get excited about seeing his reaction once he walked through the door.)
Josh walked into our apartment to find "I♥U!" spelled out in tea light candles, roses and rose petals amongst it along with a message in a bottle...
The message in the bottle sent him on a treasure hunt in the apartment, figuring out clues and finding gifts which included an acoustic guitar and a pretty special book from decades past that I found along my random Internet travels.
Then, Josh surprised me with a gift! (Even though he gave my mine a month early, he got something else for our special day) Although, I do think I threw him off by surprising him on Friday.
Saturday, we went back home to visit with my family. My sister and her family came down for a vacation. I have not seen my niece for a whole year! (Other than on the web camera every once and a while) When my niece saw me she ran up to me and jumped into my arms! It was so cute! (She is just a bit older than a year and a half) That evening Brad and Leigha came over to pick up their photo CD, but I surprised them by making them an album of what I thought were the best shots.
Sunday, our Anniversary was spent at my Mom & Dads. Mom made borscht for lunch-fresh out of the garden! Yum! We stopped in at Baba and Gidos and made our way back to the city that evening.
And the weather was GORGEOUS! And of course I took a ton of photos!

PS. We were also discussing our Vancouver Island 2010 vacation and may bike instead of hike. Which may not be a bad idea...however, I am not sure about sitting on a bike all day...

Here are some photos of this weekend: