Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Okay, so maybe this was THE BEST WEEKEND EVER!!!

Josh and I went to see The Stills and Hands Like These play acoustic on Thursday...okay, well we went to see The Stills and Hands Like These were also playing. (I haven't heard of Hands Like These until that day...they are GREAT!)
The cover charge was only $5.00...$5.00 to see my FAVORITE BAND!!! I couldn't pass that deal up! And they were playing at the club close by. So $5.00, small venue, my favorite band-it just doesn't get better than that!
Well it did! The service at the club rocked! And so did the bands!!! They ROCKED their not-so-acoustic show! and Josh and I had front row which was AMAZING!!! Tim was no more than 6 feet away. Tim and Liam didn't have an encore ready, so in less than 5 minutes Liam made a drum beat up on his iPhone-props to him for that!

The other epic part of the weekend...SONIC BOOM!...


We didn't want to go all day-so thankfully our favorite bands were all playing back to back!
Prior to the concert Josh didn't think a mosh would happen during Metric...well, they showed him. They started their show off a bit slower, and then REALLY got the energy levels up that yes, even a mosh broke out. The whole show was just pure energy! The most memorable part of Franz Ferdinand was when all the band mates were drumming, it was epic! And of course, Alexisonfire!...lets just say its always great! Even if it is the 3rd time seeing them!

After Alexisonfire, we left to eat. Then met up with our friends for good times at Denny's.

I think I left my voice in the epic weekend past...