Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Lately, I have been torn between two hobby business ventures, and one of my goals before I turn 25 was to figure out what it was going to be. {I thought about it since I wrote that goal down, and was one sided for a bit, then split, and back and forth for...well, daily for about 10 months} Then the other day, it hit me. What my TRUE passion is and what I want to do as a side business and one day expand into a full time adventure. {PS It is Photography if you were wondering! And the other one was a crafty business.} At one point I thought about doing both at the same time, but because I put 110% in anything I do, I didn't want to compromise one over the other at any given time. I want to be there for the people I photograph. Get to know them, and deliver extraordinary photographs for them and their families to cherish for beyond a lifetime. 

Nearly a month ago, I started my 365 Days in Photos project, and some days are tougher than others. But I think it is going along well. I am learning more playing around with my camera everyday and learning new things in post processing. {Like simple things to make your image stand out better-like dodge/burn, and using the RAW editor more.} Which leads me to a good opportunity to vow to never shoot in .jpg again! Which I did for a good portion of my New York City photographs. {Oops!} PS I will post those once I get through editing them {There are 1700! But of course, not all are going to make the cut...maybe 500 or so. I took a lot of multiples and potential panoramas.} 

I am super excited for a Autumn photoshoot project I am working on. It is just a concept I have had for a while. I have 5 wonderful ladies modelling for me, who responded ever so quickly-which was awesome to see people excited {and honoured} to work with me in creating my ideas. {I am honoured to be working with them!!!} I have to do some location scouting for the perfect place and find some cool stuff for the shoot! Then we just have to wait for the lovely leaves to turn Autumn colors. I am also planning on having these types of photoshoots every season. Something with a few models and a concept behind them. And a bit fashion editorial like. {I already have the upcoming Winter, Spring and Summer ones planned out-I am such a dork!} Then, have some smaller one on one concept shoots and of course, hired work shooting portraits, families, etc. {Which I just got an email of something pretty darn exciting for me for next summer! I can't wait for that special day!} 

I chose today, September 1st as the day to embark on my new journey {even though I have slowly been getting to it for the past year} now it is going to be serious business {while of course still having fun and having the best time of my life} The reason I chose today is because for one, why wait until January 1st to start new goals and dreams? Goals and dreams can be created at anytime of the year. {I feel that day to be so cliche for starting a goal.} And you will probably complete the goal if you start it at another date, when you are ready for it. Without pressure. {I started my 365 Days of Photos project twice on January 1st-and failed. So I restarted it on August 9th-our Anniversary. Third time is a charm, right?! I also have started to create new goals and dreams to be completed before my next birthday-this year was 24 before 25...}

I will also be changing my blog up a bit, so that is why there will be less posted for a little while. {I will still post my 365 Days of Photos everyday} I just have to finalize my new blogging content and schedule. Which won't be as frequent as it used to be, because I will be simultaneously blogging on my photo blog as well.  

Well, I think that was long enough! Thank you ever so much for reading through it and being interested in my new journey. I hope it takes off well!

Take care!
Love you all! xoxo


Jason Brown said...

great post, like your blog!!!

Kate said...

hi tracey! i just stumbled upon your sweet little blog and am addicted! i look forward to following your adventures in the months to come! xo - kate

Tracey said...

Thank you Jason and Kate!!!