Monday, August 10, 2009

Vancouver Island 2010!!!

Josh and I are planning our honeymoon biking part of Vancouver Island next summer! I cannot wait!!!

Originally, we planned to backpack. But my Dad asked why we were not going to bike it, And now it seems like the logical thing to do.
I will keep you updated on our travel plans and our adventure! I might make another blog dedicated solely to that adventure (Just to keep it separate, and to have a little online collection of our trips)

I am just going to have to get used to sitting on my bike for hours upon hours at a time. The longest ride we've done so far is three hours, which our rides shouldn't be too much longer than that because the longest walk we were going to have was 6 hours, and well biking is obviously much faster than walking!

I am also unsure of having 2 weeks of clothes, gear, supplies, tools, etc. packed into a tiny saddlebag...I go away for a weekend and my backpack is FULL! I am going to definitely have to get used to packing light! Thank goodness for grocery stores and laundromats!

EDIT (October 2nd, 2009)-I don' t think we will be biking anymore...or doing that trip. But we are most definatly going to be spending a week in Victoria!


Danielle Flores said...

congratulations on your engagement. i just came across your blog. hope you dont mind if i follow. i'm recently married (in june) :) it's awesome. ull love married life.

Tracey said...

Josh and I have been married for a year already. We are just having our honeymoon next year.
And yes, married life is awesome!!! Congrats on your wedding!
I don't mind that you follow my blog-thats what they are for!