Monday, December 14, 2009

10 Things I Love

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! It was SO cold, I hope everyone kept warm and had lots of hot chocolate!

Let's start the week off inspired!...

This is my first 10 Things I Love list. I have always loved seeing other blogs with these types of lists but to be honest, I was kind of overwhelmed by trying to find 10 things I truly think are awesome to fit in a blog post so I always just posted a few things here and there. But this was pretty easy and took only a few minutes to come up with the general list. I think I am definitely going to make this a weekly occurrence. Enjoy! :)

Doilies and lace-My favorite is white doily/lace on gray. I definitely want to make a blanket with lace edges. I have been inspired to use doilies on my Christmas packages this year.

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Purple, yellow, black and gray together-I am decorating my living room, and I think this is the winning color scheme! I have already started with the black and wanted to add bits of yellow, but I think this is much more awesome! I might also add some chrome in there as well.

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Crocheted snowflakes-My Memere makes the loveliest snowflakes! I am inspired to make a few of my own. However, I only know how to crochet a simple scarf...this might be a problem, they look so complex.

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Pinecones-I have seen so many pinecone decorations lately! The ceramic ones are my favorite!

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Embroidery hoop art-definitely another one on my to-do list! I love when there is a whole collection of different sizes on a wall.

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Garland-I have been seeing a lot of garlands pop up lately, they are so cute! I made my first garland recently (The "Merry Christmas" one a few posts back) and have also tried making finger knitted garland, but I think I may need thicker yarn...

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Faux Bois-Always on my favorites list! I have a few projects I am planning to do with faux bois.

Hair bows-I especially love the polka-dotted ones!

Source: nschaefer

Source: nschaefer

Birch trees-I've also seen birch tree stuff popping up all over. I love these trees!

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"How I Met Your Mother"-I spent most of the weekend watching season 1 and starting on season 2. What a great series! Thanks Brad & Leigha for showing this to us! ♥

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Source: starpulse

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Alli said...

My grandmother used to make the most gorgeous crochet snowflakes. I'd love to figure out how to do it, but I'm total crap at crochet, haha.

I'm also planning on wrapping with brown paper and doilies this year! Love that look!