Monday, December 21, 2009

10 Things I Love

Foxes-There has been some really cute crafts with foxes recently.

Source: elsiecake

Source: sleepyking

Source: lheureduthe
Cute Plates-I love art! And do believe that it should be on everything (including plates!)

Source: HeadintheClouds

Source: soule

Source: Ninainvorm

Bottle Brush Trees-So simple, yet full of style!

Source: happibug

Source: lifelovepaper

Source: sarahblascovich
Deer-Just always so cute! :)

Source: rubyslounge

Source: sharon-lizette

Source: {coralene}
Braids-I wish I was not so hairstyle challenged....

Source: Sandra Beijer

Source: suzypuzz
Pyrex Bowls-I really want to start a collection

Source: susannatron

Source: the_robins-nest

Wooden Shoes
-I've always thought these shoes were neat! I've seen some painted ones that I might want to do.

Source: dottieangel

Source: dorret

Source: johanwieland

Berets-Knitted mustard yellow or purple are my favorites at the moment.

Source: pixiebell

Source: pixiebell

Source: btrflymom

Polaroids-I REALLY, REALLY want a polariod camera!

Source: DanielleT

Matryoshka dolls-I am loving the untraditional type!

Source: elvira h.mateu

Source: pokadots81

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