Thursday, February 18, 2010

Photographs I Adore...

I am DEFINITLY trying to get back into blogging. I wrote up a weekly blogging schedule today to help me keep on track. Most posts will be inspirations (which we all love anyway) but at least I will be able to provide some pretty things to look at in between personal posts. Which have been non-existant lately since I have been so boring. However, that will soon be changing as there is something exciting happening in the (hopefully) near future!!!

Stay tuned.

I leave you with these vintage processed beauties:






Harvey said...

I think you have a thing for dinosaurs. I'm going to go shoot some dino's so you'll feature one of my photos here ;)

I like the dinos following the kid best.

Tracey said... did you guess??? haha! Do you like dinos too?

Yes, that one with the kid is THE BEST!!!