Saturday, May 23, 2009


Today Josh and I went for our first adventure with our bikes. The weather is finally decent (Today's high-that I've noticed was 22 Celsius. It definitely could have been hotter when we were out) and I felt well enough to go. (Good thing I took some Buckley's before-hand and brought along plenty of water and lozenges) The trails were decent-definitly alot of hills (but maybe we just did it backwards!)
I wore the craziest pants I could have worn! I was wearing linen pants so I wouldn't be too warm. However, crossing the bridge-and only then did my pant leg catch onto my water bottle-scary!!! I hate biking that bridge, It is too smooth and not much traction-Josh said his bike was okay on it, but then again his is more "urban" than mine. And also so high up! But then I rolled my pants up and was good to go! I definitely need to go buy some shorts!
We really had no idea where we were going once we crossed the High Level Bridge. But we found a trail that led us back across another bridge to go home, without back-tracking. While on the last bridge we saw what looked like a little twister over the water, but it wasn't coming from the clouds (kind of like a dust devil, but with water) it was pretty neat watching it for the few seconds it was active once we noticed it.
We went approximately 17.5 km or so. My tracker was resetting every time I stopped for the first little while (even just the time at a cross light!) so we don't have an exact count.

The image above gives you an approximation where we went
(obviously not stating the exact start and finish points)

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