Friday, May 15, 2009

The Long Weekend (and apparently long post!)

So it is nearly the long weekend. Woo hoo! (Only 5 more hours for me!) And I do believe that I should be at least a bit more productive than I have been in the last couple weekends. (Which was doing absolutely nothing by the way)
So here is my list of what I want to accomplish (at least do most of it anyway!-because something is always better than nothing!)

-Finish re-arranging/cleaning/organizing my studio/home office area
-Clean the rest of the bedroom (and while I am cleaning, I should clean the whole apartment)
-Compile a grocery list for tomorrow

-Get some groceries for my baking and the picnic
-Bake some yummy treats from BabyCakesNYC's cookbook
-Picnic! Hopefully it is nice enough to do it outside, if not it will be at our place

-Maybe, hopefully go to Ikea to make a list of stuff I want to get for the apartment. I need to make this place look like a home!
-Check out trails near the river valley and see if you can get to them easily from downtown.
-Go look at bikes (maybe buy if I've found "the one")

-Staying home doing whatever...

-Make more butterflies to send to the Holocaust Museum for their installation. I think I will send 20. If I make more-all the better. (I have 19 to go)
-Start on my quotations journal
-Come up with designs for my jewelry and come up with an order list

Also, I will:
-Not go on the computer much. I will limit myself to one hour a day max. split up into morning/night.
-Wake up early (7:00 sounds sufficient) and go to bed at a decent time (no later than midnight)
-Work out every day for 1/2 hour to an hour
-Do some photography
-Work on my supplies shop-take pictures/figure out prices

WHEW! This is going to be a busy weekend!!! Lets see how I do!!!

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