Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How The Weekend Ended Up...(In regards to my list)

Well I knew that I was not going to get everything done on my list and that did not bother me. I just needed something to follow so I did not slack every day! However, I did about 60% of everything I said I was going to do. So I think that is pretty good!!!

What I did
-Finish re-arranging/cleaning/organizing my studio/home office area-Clean the rest of the bedroom (and while I am cleaning, I should clean the whole apartment) Although I did not completely organize my office, It still counts. Everything is neat and tidy and my desk is CLEAN! You can actually see it! The house looks pretty good!!! I moved the microwave into the dining room which freed up alot of counter space!!! Now I just have to tackle the cupboards!!!
-Get some groceries for my baking and the picnic Did that ever cost alot! All the specialty items for my baking-but it was worth it!!! The cupcakes turned out wonderful!
-Bake some yummy treats from BabyCakesNYC's cookbook Oh my goodness! I am so happy with the way my Carrot Cupcakes turned out!!! I have never used a gluten-free recipe that was that easy to do and did not turn out rock hard and heavy! These were delicious!!! Josh loved them too! I think I am going to make more tonight! Maybe beet and carrot! And try to save some for Mom and Dad when they come over tomorrow!
-Picnic! Hopefully it is nice enough to do it outside, if not it will be at our place It was definitly not nice enough to have a picnic outside, so we had one inside at our place. We had lunch, played board games, I made a delicious veggie chilli (which was a big hit!) and played more board games! It was a really fun day!
-Go look at bikes (maybe buy if I've found "the one") We went to look at bikes and found the ones!!! We both came home with a bike! But on the way home it started to rain so we haven't really taken them for a ride yet. Just from the train to home which is only a few blocks. Hopefully this snow that fell this morning clears up soon!!!
-Not go on the computer much. I will limit myself to one hour a day max. split up into morning/night. This was probably my biggest challenge-But I did it!!! I am actually really proud of myself for not going on the computer so much! I just went on long enough to check out my messages, and put up a quick blog on Sunday about the contest that I won!
-Wake up early (7:00 sounds sufficient) and go to bed at a decent time (no later than midnight) Well, give or take a few hours. The most I slept in was until 10 AM, but we were up until 1 AM on Saturday night.
-Do some photography I did a little bit, I took a few pictures of the semi re-arranged apartment.
-Compile a grocery list for tomorrow I only wrote a list for the baking supplies, but that is all I needed to remember...it still counts!
-Work out every day for 1/2 hour to an hour Nearly 2 hours of house cleaning Friday, Saturday walked to the grocery store and back, Sunday walked to the LRT, then from the LRT to Wal-mart, Biked back from Wal-Mart to the LRT and from the LRT to home, Monday was a lazy day-I think this counts.

What I did not do
-Maybe, hopefully go to Ikea to make a list of stuff I want to get for the apartment. I need to make this place look like a home! Well I knew that this wouldn't happen!
-Check out trails near the river valley and see if you can get to them easily from downtown. This one was as per the weather, which did not co-operate at all this weekend.
-Make more butterflies to send to the Holocaust Museum for their installation. I think I will send 20. If I make more-all the better. (I have 19 to go) I was too busy!
-Start on my quotations journal-I never had any time!
-Come up with designs for my jewelry and come up with an order list I tried, I had no creativitiy to come up with designs
-Work on my supplies shop-take pictures/figure out prices Ha! Yeah right...I knew this would not get done either!

So apparently I cannot take my photos off of facebook, I will post them when I get home! (Why didn't I put them on flickr?) -Stay tuned!

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