Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Okay, so I think I should update this a bit more frequently and actually let everyone know what is going on in my life between facebook and twitter updates. (Not that it has been that exciting lately)

-I am in the middle of coming up with ideas for decorating our apartment (Yeah I know, we have moved in nearly 3 years ago...but with between planning the wedding the first year we moved, and being indecisive, it is taking me a while.) I think I have the basic colors and "themes" we want to go with. (For today! haha!) Although you cannot do too much with beige walls AND beige carpets (but anything to make it not look like a cardboard box!) ...oh and you cannot forget the avocado tile in the tub (not that I mind it, the color scheme is just a bit limited because we have white, beige and avacado) All the ideas are going to be kept secret until then. Unless I decided to spill at a later date...

-I just shot some engagement photos for my friends the other weekend. It went really great! Their wedding is this weekend! I cannot wait! (I wish I could post a sneak peak of their engagement photos but they are waiting for their wedding to showcase their photos. I promise that you will love them!)

-Business-wise, it is coming along...I have completed writing my shop policies and my biography (finally!) I am always coming up with designs and collection ideas. I placed a few random orders over the last couple days and am still working on the big order. Then I will get busy with making my jewelry.

Other than that, nothing too spectacular...I will keep you guys posted!

I'm out until Monday! 'Till then, have an awesome weekend and Congratulations to Brad and Leigha!!!

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