Monday, April 12, 2010

Home Inspiration-Bedroom

So as usual, my idea for a room changes 5 million times before I actually do any decorating to it. (Maybe that is why we have been here for nearly 3 years and have not decorated yet)

All that changed while going past this bed at Ikea the other evening...(I also love the dressers, but they need to have more color!)

I jokingly said it would be the perfect bed to make forts in...well then I started thinking and Yes! This bed would be the perfect bed to make forts in and how much I really do love this, and the ability to make a fort. Sure I am 24, but that isn't going to stop me from having fun.
Hang some pretty vintage sheets down the sides, hang some fairy lights and hide in there making crafts with my friends-there is no other way to spend a lazy weekend.

Also a great sun/heat shade during the HOT summer days, and a great way to keep warm on the COLD winter nights.

So then, my decor ideas for the bedroom changed. I guess the best way to explain the new plan would be...random. A mix of vintage and modern items, comfy, and colorful. A room where I can go that does not compromise creativity.

Here are some bedrooms/decor I like

For the fort-esque

Make it pretty


Easy to hang garlands!

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