Monday, March 22, 2010

Decor Inspiration-Lofts!

Happy Monday! Should make the most out of a rather drab day of the week (especially when you wake up to a pile of snow and ice, and the computer system at work is down for 99% of the day-hopefully tomorrow will be okay, and there will be no outages!)

Here is todays decor inspiration...Lofts!

I would really love to live in a loft. You know, those huge old warehouse turned living spaces you see in the movies. (yeah, one of those) Something with a lot of character, and open space. Something I can create a beautiful home and studio in at the same time without compromising one another.

Floor to celing windows would be a dream come true!

I like how the office space is elevated and seperate from the rest of the living space (it somewhat keeps work and home a bit seperate)

Again, love the big windows. And the open space
found on weheartit
The ability to make "rooms" with furnature would be awesome! You could change your room size as you please.

found on weheartit

I like how the bed is tucked away, underneath the loft balcony and could be hidden by curtains.
found on weheartit


LINDSAY said...

These are fantastic images! All that natural light would be lovely. :)

Tracey said...

Thanks! They were fun to look for and find!

ashleyrwatts said...

Oh wow...I definitely want to redo my living space ASAP! Thanks for sharing these pics! :)

Great blog!
xo! Ashley