Thursday, March 18, 2010

Photographs I Adore...Boston Terriers

So it wasn't until VERY recently where I saw a Boston Terrier (okay, well a photograph of one) for the very first time. And then just the other day, I saw one in person. And to be honest, I have never really been much of a dog person. (I guess when you are 3 or 4 years old and you see your friend get attacked (really bad) by the one dog that you thought would never hurt anything, you lose trust in them...)
But now, as I have discovered Boston Terriers, I am growing quite fond of them. And maybe, perhaps in the future would want one as an addition to the family. They are SO CUTE!!!

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Suzy said...

The first time I saw a boston was when I lived in Canada for a year about 10 yrs ago.

There was this Canadian show called Pet Project and it had this guy and his boston, Daisy. They went around talking to various people and celebrities about pet related stuff and in between him and Daisy would dress up and do reenactments from different movies or shows. To see Daisy dress up was just the cutest!