Thursday, March 4, 2010

Photographs I Adore...Forts!

I hope everyone's week is lovely! Mine is not too shabby! I am on this giant road to style discovery, which is wonderful for an upcoming something or other!... And I am starting to get the show on the road with my apartment makeover (only a year later...) This evening I moved a bookcase into the dining room to store all my funky mugs, and tins & boxes of tea (and random ornaments too) I will be decorating my dining room as a eccentric cafe. I can't wait until it is complete! I am taking it one step at a time, to put pieces in that I truely love.

Here is a quick photo of todays project

What projects have you been working on this week???

And now, for our feature presentation...The photographs of forts that I adore. Enjoy!

I would love to spend all day on a lake in this boat! It would be all sorts of lovely!
found on weheartit

These clouds are super cool!
found on weheartit

Only the BEST gift ever!!! You have wonderful friends Elsie!

I love the garland decorations on this one
I wish I had a bed like this! I would always be making forts!


With Love, Jamie said...

So cuuute :)

rachel! said...

ohhh, i LOVE forts. mmm.
and decorating your house like a cafe sounds like fun! then you won't need to go out to get the cafe feel. you'll love it, everyone else will love it and you'll save money. WINNER.

Tracey said...

Yeah I can't wait to decorate the dining room like that! I just hope it turns out like how I am visioning it in my head! (that is always the worst!)

Oh, I will probably still go out to starbucks all the time! I cant make beverages as well as they can... but that is why they are in the biz and not me-haha!