Friday, August 13, 2010

10 Things I Love...

I love fridays! {And 10 more things that I love!}

I do not eat cupcakes {correction, I cannot eat cupcakes. I have allergies.} 
Therefore love them purely for their aesthetic value.
Sometimes I will make some that I can eat, but they never look this pretty.

I recently went to the fabulous New York City and LOVED it. We had such a great time!
{Although I found it to be too busy of a city for me. I am more of a small town kind of girl.}
{Personal Photograph}

I was never really a "collector" to acquire collections until just recently. 
It is fun finding new pieces that fit in to what you have and to decorate your home.

Uncut Diamond Rings
Very untraditional and unique. I have my eyes on one that I LOVE that I might just get one day.

Vintage Cameras
Just so beautiful, and to even start imagining what lovely memories were captured by that camera...
I am lucky to own two vintage cameras that my family had. They are that much more precious. 

Embroidery Art
Especially in a modern, yet timeless style.

Skirts with Pockets
Because, it just makes sense to put pockets!

Vintage Dresses
Are so pretty and classic. 

I just love the magical/excited feeling you get when you spot one! 
{Personal Photograph}

I am probably the most excited person for the autumn season to arrive.
The air is cool, everything is so colorful and pretty. I also love what Autumn brings: Thanksgiving, pumpkin pie, pumpkin spiced latte, mittens, crunchy leaves and hot chocolate. 

Oh boy! I am glad I am finished this post. I am ridiculously tired right now {I actually had a nap while working on this} So if something doesn't make sense. That is probably why! 

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