Tuesday, August 24, 2010

365 Days of Photos Catch-Up

Just catching up on my blog from my absence this weekend. 

We went out to the country to our friends house for some good old quality 
hanging out time with almost everyone. 
{We hadn't seen each other since our trip, or longer with some other friends-so it was about time!} 
We had campfires, played beanbags & boardgames and had a great time! {I even got to see my parents for a bit on our way out!!!}


This was the sun first thing in the morning. 
The smoke was still really thick that you could look directly at the sun.

{Personal Photograph}


We spent a weekend at Brad & Leigha's out in the country. 
It was a lovely little getaway! 

{Personal Photograph}


On our way home from Brad & Leigha's we stopped in at my Mom & Dads. 
My parents have such a lovely garden!!!

{Personal Photograph}


Mmm!!! Blueberries! 
I went home just in time! Mom & Dad came back from blueberry picking, so I got to bring some home. 
Thank you! They are delicious!!!

{Personal Photograph}


Our bamboo plants have sure grown like crazy lately! 

{Personal Photograph}

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