Thursday, August 12, 2010

4 Simple Goals

Elsie posted a "4 Simple Goals" challenge over on her blog that everyone can participate in. I had just recently come up with a few goals I want to accomplish by the end of the year, so I am joining in on her challenge.  
Most of my goals are continual and there is no real deadline on them, but I know if I keep up with them everyday until the New Year that they will end up being routine and will not be a challenge for me anymore.

These are my goals:

1.  Spend less time on the internet. Just go on to do my daily blogs, check email/facebook/twitter for notifications and quickly check out new posts, & check a few blogs I follow. To cut down on blogging time, figure out what I will blog about that day {or the day before} so I am using my time efficiently. This way with less internet time, I will have more time to concentrate on my upcoming projects. 
2. Get our apartment to look more like a home. It is getting there, but lacking style. I want to show our personalities with our decorating, acquire collections, art, and make some creations to adorn our place.
3. Take more photographs. I re-started my "365 Days of Photographs" projects, but I want to photograph more than that. I want to document my life and all the people in it, as well as do more professional photography.
4. Create an Art Journal. I absolutely loved the "Tell Your Story" Art Journal class taught by Elsie & Rachel that I want to keep creating Art Journals forever. I am going to be starting with creating one from our New York City vacation, and then start up a new one of daily life. 

Elsie, thanks for being so inspiring & such a great motivator! 

{Image is sourced from Elsie's Blog}


Glass*Plant said...

Great goal list! Love them all. I was in the journaling class too. I still do it, just not everyday. I miss that.

Good luck!

Glass*Plant said...

Tracey said...

I LOVED the journalling class! I learnt a lot about myself from it. :)
And it felt so good to be creating something everyday {Even if it was just a journal page}

I haven't journaled since the class, but once I get all my photos processed from my NYC trip, I will be doing an art journal of the trip. Then after I am done that I think I will start one!