Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Style Crush-Shoes!

This weeks Style Crush is Shoes! But more specifically All-Stars or, (Tim don't hate me!) ones of similar style, like Airwalks or just random store brands. 

{personal photograph}

These shoes are my style, they are me & I have been wearing these shoes since I started buying my own footwear. 

I probably have owned a total of about 20 pairs (or even more) of this style of shoe in my lifetime. But only own 2 pairs of real All-Stars. Which are by far my most favourite in terms of comfort and durability.

I have been wearing the same pair pretty much day in and day out for just over a year and they are probably just starting to need to be replaced. Though I probably wont be parting with them anytime soon, they are so comfy and I toured the streets of New York City with them. Dorky I know, but it was my first trip out of Canada. Sentimental value, you know?!

{personal photograph}

Here are some more lovely photographs to satisfy your crush on All-Stars

And yes, I wear them to work too! :)

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