Friday, August 27, 2010

10 Things I Love...

I had a smore for the first time ever last weekend-yum!
And now that I am away from a campfire, I shall make them in my microwave...haha!

Board Game Nights
And staying up until all hours of the night to play them.
I just started playing Settlers of Catan and really like that game too. 
{Risk is my all time favourite-but my heart is still for the old school version with the wooden blocks-which I hope to get my hands on a copy of}
{Personal Photograph}

We hardly ever see stars in the city at night. But going back home for the weekend is the perfect fix of the beautiful night sky. {It gets completely dark and quiet, it is so peaceful}

Particularly this one with the little floating house. So cute!!!

Rookie Blue
I love this show!!! And it is pretty awesome that I know a Rookie!
You are going to go far!

Hot Air Balloons
Instant smile when I see one! Sometimes if I am lucky, I will see one in the morning on my way to work. 
I really want to go on a ride one day!

Northern Lights
This was the first time I have ever seen Northern Lights in the City
{Personal Photograph}

Vegetarian Sushi {And Starbucks Frappuccinos}
It is my all time favourite photo-editing dinner
{Personal Photograph}

Bubble Tea
So delicious! Mango Peach Tea with tapioca or Raspberry Milky Tea with tapioca are my favorites
{But then again, I really haven't tried any others either...}

The Swell Season
Beautiful music!!!

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